12309/11/2022 07:00, News


12305/05/2022 07:00, News
Today May 5th, 2022, Kizuna is pleased to hand-over workshop B1 in Kizuna 1 to LIFTRA APS (Denmark)


12303/14/2022 07:00, News
Vietnam is an attractive investment destination for Korean businesses, with the production of electronics, pharmacy, cosmetics, and leather


12303/14/2022 07:00, News
Kizuna's Business Center Intro
Here's short clip about Kizuna's Business Center located in Kizuna 3. Let take a small walk around Kizuna's Business Center where our clients can...


12303/03/2022 07:00, News
CJ Foods Vietnam - Kizuna Factory's Grand Opening Ceremony Video
Our big congratulation! After overcoming many hard working days, on 25th February 2022, finally CJ Foods Vietnam hosted the grand opening ceremony...


12302/28/2022 07:00, News
Kizuna's Sale Procedures
Welcome to Kizuna - the pioneer in Serviced Factory solution in Vietnam. Now, I would like to introduce the procedure from reservation to starting...


12302/11/2022 07:00, News
Long An appriciates enterprises
Kizuna's Representative is pleased to receive Flowers and Gratitude Gifts from the Provincial Leaders.  


12301/14/2022 07:00, News
Kizuna welcomes Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade
On January 14, the Supporting Industry Development Center, under the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade, visited and worked in...


12302/06/2020 12:21, News
Vietnam's economy in the coronavirus storm
As of 6am on February 6th, 2020, the National Health Commission of China confirmed the number of new coronavirus infections has exceeded 28,000,...


12308/23/2019 07:00, News
KIZUNA Weekly Highlights – 3rd week of August 2019
Vietnam on rise for Australian investors: Australian Financial Review Vietnam, best known to Australians as a laid-back holidays destination, is...


12303/23/2022 07:00, News
Kizuna participates in Ho Chi Minh Sustainable socio-economic Development Conference
- Promoting digital transformation and innovation; - Developing industrial infrastructure, logistics, transportation and high-quality human...


12303/26/2021 07:00, News
Saving 3 costs with ready-built factory for rent Vietnam
Currently, many enterprises choose the ready built cheap factory rental because of cost savings. Why is that? Comparing with building a factory,...


12308/23/2020 07:00, News
3 Tips for enterprises to choose an ideal manufacturing factory in Vietnam
Enterprises may have various choices among small factories for rent or large factories for rent depending on their financial potential. As a...


12308/16/2020 07:00, News
5 Reasons make leasing a factory the best choice for SMEs
Now, a need to expand production is becoming a necessary thing.  Investors want their business patterns to be more developed. However, they have a...



12307/10/2020 07:40, News
Necessary information for investors when investing in Vietnam industrial zone
The decision to invest in Vietnam industrial zone can be complicated and requires contemplation. The foreign investors not only pay attention to...


12307/01/2020 07:00, News
Should we choose a 100m2 warehouse rental near Ho Chi Minh city?
The market for renting ready-built factories is becoming more and more active, especially the market of the workshop for rent in Long An. Long An...


12302/20/2020 07:00, News
4 highlights of safe 500m2 warehouse for lease near HCMC
After nearly 10 years of establishment and operation, Kizuna has gain its reputation as a "pioneer enterprise in good quality warehouse leasing...


12311/25/2019 10:27, News
Enterprises are racing to open the beer factory warehouse
Vietnam is a country with a very big percentage of beer consumption. This is a good condition for the idea of investing in this market. A lot of...


12311/25/2019 05:42, News
The market of furniture factory in Vietnam
The furniture factory currently belongs to foreign enterprises. The furniture factory has a lot of from small factory, big...


12311/17/2019 07:00, News
Everything you need to know about the factory has crane
Cranes in the manufacturing industry are essential equipment and belong to the lifting device group. This equipment helps to ensure the lifting...


12310/08/2019 10:11, News
4 Benefits of registering exclusive products
Currently, many cosmetics manufacturing companies are appearing in the market. Though, how to make the brand famous and reputable to consumers?...


12310/08/2019 02:28, News
The manufacturing industry in Vietnam continues to import manufacturing materials from China
Raw materials for manufacturing activities in Vietnam have to be imported a lot from abroad, especially from China. This problem greatly affects...


12310/07/2019 07:00, News
Small warehouse price in the North and the South Vietnam
Small warehouse renting service is assessed to be increasingly developed in Vietnam. The Northern and Southern regions are among the places where...


12310/07/2019 03:34, News
4 Regulations for a standard factory you need to know
How to identify a standard factory? That is the question that makes many investors have to think. To answer this question, the following article...
12308/02/2022 07:00, News
On the morning of August 1st, 2022, Kizuna was honored to hand-over workshop C4 (1,160m2) of Kizuna 1 Area to Precision Fukuhara Vietnam Co.,...


12303/31/2022 07:00, News
On March 29th 2022, Kizuna is pleased to hand-over workshop Q1 (with more than 3000m2) in Kizuna 3ex to Chateraise Co., Ltd (Japan)


12303/14/2022 07:00, News
"With Kizuna's outstanding blend of hardware as well as software, plus a highly specialized team with the best flexibility, I am forever grateful...


12303/11/2022 07:00, News
With advantages of clean and green production environment as well as strategic location neighboured of Phu My Hung urban and CBD of HCM city,...


12303/01/2022 07:00, News
On 25.2.2022, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Nguyễn Văn Út, Head of the Provincial Economic Zone Management Board –...


12302/14/2022 07:00, News
Why do warehouses become “hot” real estate segments in Asia?
In the latest CBRE survey, more than three-quarters of companies using warehouses in the Asia-Pacific region said that they wanted to expand their...


12302/01/2022 07:00, News
On January 21, Kizuna successfully coordinated with Emuden Vietnam Co., Ltd. (represented by Mr. Ono Jiro) to host the investment survey team...


12301/12/2022 07:00, News
That's why we call " Kizuna"
Let's have a small chat with our Deputy General Director - Mr. Nam Kyoung Wan ( Korean Desk) about Kizuna's Investment Procedure and more


12309/04/2019 07:00, News
Do FDI firms in Vietnam benefit from US-China trade war?
In the first eight months, the US was Vietnam’s largest export market with a turnover of $38.6 billion, up 25.3 percent year-on-year, followed by...


12308/16/2019 07:00, News
KIZUNA Weekly Highlights – 2nd week of August 2019
How bad is the trade war? This week will provide some clues The trade fight between the United States and China is getting worse. This week,...


12303/14/2022 07:00, News
The restoration of visa policies as before Covid-19 will make an important contribution to promoting the inflow of foreign investment into Vietnam


12308/25/2020 07:00, News
4 Reasons why industrial space for rent is the best choice for SMEs
Recently, more and more enterprises are choosing high rise industrial factories as their producing space. These factories now overweight others...


12308/21/2020 07:00, News
6 Standards of a production factory in 2020 that enterprises need to know
Investing in a quality production factory is one of the essential factors contributing to success in production activities. Therefore, businesses...


12307/31/2020 07:00, News
TOP 5 Medical equipment factory in Vietnam in 2020
Medical is more and more developing which requires the quality of medical equipment to be increasingly improved, especially at a health center of...


12307/31/2020 07:00, News
How does smart factory impact the manufacturing industry?
In the age where machinery and artificial intelligence develop, it is necessary to work towards a modern, smart factory that serves people. Thanks...


12307/10/2020 07:00, News
Factory space for rent is the best choice for SMEs in 2021
Factory space in industrial zones are suitable for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ho Chi Minh City due to their low cost and favorable...


12302/21/2020 07:00, News
Smart industrial park - The future investment tendency
Smart industrial parks have been the business gold of many investors. In this model, the digitization can solve all problems. Everything is...


12301/01/2020 07:00, News
Benefits of 1000m2 factory and warehouse for rent in Long An, Vietnam
Small and medium-sized enterprises in the South tend to find units of 100m2 price of warehouse for rent in Long An. One of these lessors of 100m2...


12311/25/2019 09:37, News
Positive fluctuations of factory rental consulting services
To save time and money, the enterprises choose factory rental consulting services. Therefore, it makes its market have a lot of fluctuations...


12311/18/2019 07:00, News
The standards for manufacturing food factory for rent
To be able to put into operation, the processing of food factory needs to meet a lot of strict standards. These standards are needed to ensure...


12310/08/2019 10:17, News
Why do foreign enterprises need to rent a factory in Long An?
The real estate market in Long An is so vibrant when getting the arrival of various diversely new projects. It is a potential market attracting a...


12310/08/2019 04:44, News
Experiences when renting a service workshop
Currently, the market of ready-built factory in Vietnam is very active. There are many service providers of factory for rent near HCMC who create...


12310/07/2019 07:43, News
Factors affecting warehouse services construction price
Many enterprises look for supplier with reasonable price of warehouse services in industrial zone. In addition, the difficulty of time affects...


12310/07/2019 07:00, News
The price changes of factory renting in industrial zone Vietnam
Vietnam is one of the countries who has fast-growing speed. Vietnam's policy is to become the world's leading industrial site. Therefore, many...


12310/03/2019 04:55, News
Make in Vietnam: A list of Vietnam's technology products 2019
2019 is a year of breakthroughs for many new technologies in Vietnam. Let's join Kizuna with the list of Vietnam's technology products in 2019...