Vietnam apparel industry in 2020 is a great opportunity for investors

Vietnam apparel industry in 2020 is now on revolutional growth. Vietnam is currently one of the biggest textile and garment manufacturers and exporters in the world. That is the reason why the number of apparel manufacturing factories in Vietnam is getting higher and higher. This article will provide readers a closer look into Vietnam apparel industry in the next period. 

Vietnam apparel industry in 2020

Vietnam apparel industry in 2020 has a big movement (Source: Textile Today)

The situation of Vietnam apparel industry in 2020

Trade promotion and global economic integration are now an evitable tendency. In the past several years, the exporting goods in Vietnam has always been charged with unreasonable trade barriers. This discourages the production of Vietnam apparel industry. The production of clothes to export in developed countries such as America, EU, Japan, etc also has a modest growth rate. 

It can be seen that the fabric factory mostly focus on manufacturing, as this is the industry that really contributes to the total exports of Vietnam. The abundant workforce is also an advantage of Vietnam apparel industry. Moreover, now there are more than 6000 domestic apparel companies. These are the factors that make the apparel industry the second exporting industry in Vietnam. 

The role of Vietnam apparel industry in national economic growth

Vietnam apparel industry has an important role in national economic growth. It gets to meet the domestic consumption demand as well as exportation one, and create conditions for opening to international trade, to bring more income sources to the country. As the Resolution adopted by the seventh Party Congress goes, “Increase more and more the consumer goods production to meet the more and more various domestic and exportation demand”. 

This has shown that the apparel industry plays an important role in the process of industrialization and modernization of the country in terms of two aspects: providing consumer goods and providing goods for exportation to expand international trade. Vietnam apparel industry has a close relationship with the development of the other industries. The reason is that as a key industry of the economy, Vietnam apparel industry calls for a considerable amount of materials, which are the products of the other sectors. This creates favorable conditions for the investment and development of these economic sectors. 

vietnam apparel industry 3

List of 5 big apparel and garment companies in Vietnam 2020

Vietnam apparel industry is potental and attracted foreign investors. Below are top 5 apparel and garment companies in Vietnam:


2.VINATEX - Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group, Ha Noi, Vietnam

3. March 29 Textile Garment JSC Company, Da Nang, Vietnam

4. NBC - Nhabe Textile & Garment Corporation, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

5. Gigitex - Gia Dinh Textile & Garment Corporation, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Almost big apparel and garment factories are placed in Ho Chi Minh due to abundant source of labour, low costs and convinient international transportation system. 

Vietnam apparel factory for lease kizuna

Kizuna industrial serviced factories for rent support company in apparel industry growing fast in Vietnam

The development of Vietnam apparel industry makes many enterprises want to expand their apparel manufacturing factory. The investors who want to approach the market and make profit, but they may have a major concern: whether to build or to rent a manufacturing factory? The answer is renting an apparel manufacturing factory will help enterprises save cost considerably. 

The necessary money to buy land to build an apparel manufacturing factory is not a little amount. Besides, the land cost in the cities is currently increasing sharply. Don’t worry, Kizuna’s optimal factory for rent will provide enterprises with an effective manufacturing environment. Its strategic location in the key economic zones of the South will facilitate the goods transportation. Moreover, Kizuna offers many free supportive services for enterprises including legal, HR, accounting, environmental issues, etc. Hence, enterprises will be able to save cost and time, as well as avoid the risks relating to legal issues. 

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Kizuna’s industrial factories are suitable for apparel manufacturing

The enterprises can start to operate right after signing the contract and paying the rent for Kizuna. Everything will be simple, convenient and quick. The business development will be quicker and carried out as planned. You will have even more time to choose the location to build the factory after your business is in orbit. This is the overview of Vietnam apparel industry

Efficient production with Kizuna factory rental planning!

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