08/16/2019 14:00, News
KIZUNA Weekly Highlights – 2nd week of August 2019
How bad is the trade war? This week will provide some clues The trade fight between the United States and China is getting worse. This week,...


05/02/2019 10:05, News
[ECONOMY] Beer market in Vietnam 2016
In 2012, Vietnam became the top beer-drinking nation in ASEAN. People do love their beers over any other alcoholic beverages here. They consumed...


07/26/2017 00:00, News
Potentials for development of paper packaging industry in Vietnam
As the consumption of items such as packaged foods, bottled beverages and cosmetics is increasing over time, packaging products have been increased...


02/17/2017 14:00, News
Beer investors and useful information
Beer investors in Vietnam – The rapid development of the economy and population growth rate of Vietnam has created an opportunity for the strong...


06/17/2015 00:00, News
TPP – Chances for foreign investors
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed regional regulatory and investment treaty between twelve countries throughout the Asia-Pacific...
05/02/2019 14:00, News
Foreign investment in Vietnam 2015
Generally in 12 months of 2015, total newly registered and increased capital is 22.757 billion USD, up 12.5% compared with the same period of 2014


05/02/2019 09:59, News
Vietnamese market of electrical equipment manufacturing
In the process of industrialization – modernization, the electrical industry is becoming a top concern of many countries, especially for...


04/18/2017 14:00, News
(Q1-2017) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Vietnam
In the first quarter of 2017, Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam is US$ 7.71 billion, up by 77.6% compared to the same period last year...


08/17/2016 00:00, News
[ECONOMY] 2016 First Half Year FDI Attracting Updates
First half year of 2016, total registered FDI capital had increased more than 11 billion USD, around 105.4% more than the same period last 2015


03/12/2015 00:00, News
Auxiliary industry in Vietnam
South Korea helps Vietnam develop auxiliary, atomic industries