Medium size workshop for rent in Long An causes market fever

Long An is gradually becoming the province with the most developed density of industrial zones in the South. Currently, there are many enterprises looking to invest and develop production in Long An. That makes the factory for lease in Long An become more feverish than ever. So, what are the main reasons for the increasing demand for the medium size workshop for rent in Long An?

What are the three main reasons for the increase in demand for the medium size workshop for rent in Long An?

1 / The location of medium size workshop for rent in Long An

Long An is a province in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Long An is about 50km from the city center along the National Highway 1A. This place is considered as a key economic region of the South of Vietnam. Therefore, Long An has a great influence on the economy of the whole southern region. Long An is also a gateway connecting areas of the south such as the Southeast, the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh. With all factors, the medium size workshop for rent in Long An is an ideal place for the enterprises. The medium size workshop for rent in Long An provide the workshop scale to rent with the reasonable rent cost and high quality for the enterprises. Long An has a lot of factories for rent from small factorybig factory to ready-built workshop for rent for the enterprises' choice.

medium size workshop for rent in Long An

More and more enterprises select the medium size workshop for rent in Long An, Kizuna

The road system across Long An is very wide. These include the system of national highways such as 1A, 50, 62, N1, N2 and the road axis connecting Ho Chi Minh - Long An - Tien Giang. Thereby, it can be seen that the location of Long An is extremely important in the trade of goods among southern provinces. Since then, goods from small workshop for rent near HCMC or diverse scale factories are easily transported to consumer markets. Long An also has a waterway system consisting of many different canals to support waterway transportation up to 100 tons. This waterway system connects the West with Ho Chi Minh City. This is convenient for enterprises that use waterways to transport goods. This is the first advantage that makes the demand for medium size workshop for rent in Long An increase. Kizuna provide the system of the professional medium size workshop for rent in Long An for the enterprises.

2 / Government’s support policies for the medium size workshop for rent in Long An

The Vietnamese government has had a lot of preferential policies to create the best conditions for enterprises who choose the medium size workshop for rent in Long An. These support policies include:

- Tax exemption for 2 years, 50% reduction of export tax for 4 years when investing in Vietnam industrial zone.

- Tax exemption for the first 4 years, reduction of 50% of export tax for 9 years for projects in the field of special investment incentives specified in Decree 118/2015/ND-CP dated November 12, 2015.

- Import tax exemption for certain types of goods specified in Article 12 of Decree No. 87/2010 / ND-CP  dated August 13, 2010.

Through the above policies, it can be seen that the government has given preferential treatment to enterprises investing in factory for rent in Long An province. Not only the government, the provincial authority of Long An also has had a variety of support policies. All aim at creating the best conditions for economic development of the whole province and the system of the medium workshop for rent near Long An.

Therefore, Long An has currently had many models of workshop for rent. From small and medium workshop for rent near Long An to large size factory, they all meet the diverse needs of all customers. Kizuna is the one of company provide the medium workshop for rent near Long An with reasonable renting cost and high quality for the enterprises.

3 / Infrastructure of the medium size workshop for rent in Long An

Long An has 20 different IZs, most of the infrastructure of these 20 IZs has been completed. Currently, Kizuna is one of the ready-built factory suppliers who has received a lot of investment from foreign enterprises. Kizuna's infrastructure includes:

-Transportation system: the transport system inside the factory area is spacious and airy with green tree system arranged appropriately.

- Power supply system: Electricity is ensured by medium and low voltage systems, which are taken from the national electricity grid. Besides, most factories in Long An have backup power system for unexpected situations.

- In the medium size workshop for rent in Long An, water supply system: the whole province is provided 24/24 with clean water supplied by the government water supply company. This will ensure that enterprises are always provided with water for production and consumption

- Wastewater treatment system: filtration and discharge systems are strictly monitored regularly and in compliance with Vietnamese laws.

- Post and telecommunication service: high-speed fiber-optic technology is provided to facilitate communication.

- Public utilities: including factory security forces and fire fighting and protection systems located inside industrial zones.

medium size workshop for rent in Long An

The medium size workshop for rent in Long An is an ideal choice

Above are the strengths that make the demand for the medium size workshop for rent in Long An increase dramatically in recent years. If any enterprises who are still in consideration, please come to these IZs and typically Kizuna factory to "see with your own eyes".

Welcome to Kizuna, Kizuna will provide the medium size workshop for rent in Long An with high quality for enterprises. Kizuna is the place forcus a lot of factories for rent from cheap factorynew-built factory to hight quality workshop for rent for the enterprises' choice.

In general, Kizuna is always estimated highly on quality of factory for rent by foreign enterprises. Kizuna’ s multilingual service team will companion with the enterprises during their production ways. Therefore, enterprises won’t feel solitary and strange in the local market. If you are finding the medium size workshop for rent in Long An, Kizuna will be a suitable choice for all enterprises.


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