The best industrial park to rent a warehouse

Rent a warehouse for production is currently the development trend of domestic and foreign enterprises. Rent a warehouse, does not require them to spend too much money on building a new warehouse. So which industrial parksto Rent a warehouse, for enterprises can look for when they want to develop production?

The best industrial park to rent a warehouse

An industrial park is an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development. An industrial park can be thought of as a more "heavyweight" version of a business park or office park, which has offices and light industry, rather than heavy industry. In the industrial park has a lot of warehouses, workshops and factories such as: small factorysmall size factorymedium factorymedium size factorybig factorylarge factorylarge size factoryfactory for leaseindustrial factoryindustrial area factorysmart factorystandard factoryprofessional factorynew built factoryready built factorycost saving factorydiverse scale factorystorage factoryquality factoryfactory has cranecheap factory rentalfactory for rent near HCMCfactory in industrial zonefood factoryfood producing factory for rentfurniture factorypackaging factoryfactory for mechanical engineering for rentsmall workshopsmall workshop for rentsmall workshop for rent near HCMCmedium workshopmedium size workshop for rent in Long Anlarge workshopready built workshop for renthigh quality workshop for rentserviced workshop for rentserviced workshop for rent near HCMCworkshop for rent in industrial parksmall warehousesmall size warehouse for rentsmall ​​warehouse for lease in Long Anmedium warehouselarge warehousewarehouse to rentwarehouse for leasewarehouse rentalgood quality warehouse for rent in Long Anwarehouse for rent near HCMCwarehouse near Ho Chi Minh , warehouse for rent for the enterprises' choice.

There are a lot of acreage of warehouses, workshops and factories for rent such as: 300m2 factory2000m2 factory500m2 factory for rent1000m2 factory for rent100m2 warehouse rental5000m2 factory100m2 factory for rent in Long An200m2 workshop for rent near HCMC for the enterprises' choice.

3 prestigious industrial parks to rent a warehouse,

1/ rent a warehouse, in Yen Phong Industrial Park - Bac Ninh

1.1/ rent a warehouse, in Yen Phong Industrial Park with convenient location for transporting goods

Yen Phong Industrial Park - Bac Ninh is located in Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province. This is a very convenient location for transporting goods to many provinces. Thanks to being located near National Highway 18, it is very favorable to move to many other industrial zones. This is the leading modern and synchronous industrial park in the North with a total area of 658 ha. Besides, rent a warehouse,  and big factory service has grown up fastly in Yen Phong nowadays.

rent a warehouse

Rent a warehouse service has increased rapidly

Traffic network in Yen Phong industrial zone is built with chessboard style. This ensures that the transport of goods takes place smoothly. In addition, the industrial park also invested in Viglacera Vocational School. The school will provide industrial parks with the best quality of human resources. Therefore, rent a warehouse, action here enables enterprises to be less burdened with the hiring of highly skilled personnel.

1.2/  rent a warehouse, concludes other utilities in Yen Phong Industrial Park

-  Rent a warehouse, with office area.

- Rent a warehouse, with manufacturing area.

-  Rent a warehouse, with phase power station.

- Rent a warehouse, with clean water supply pipeline.

- Rent a warehouse, with modern toilet area

- Rent a warehouse, with with fire protection system.

2/ Rent a warehouse, in Hoa Khanh Industrial Park - Da Nang City

2.1/ Rent a warehouse, in Hoa Khanh Industrial Park with a favorable geographical location to develop production

Rent a warehouse, in Hoa Khanh Industrial Park which is located in Hoa Khanh Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City. It has a developed transportation system with the main road of up to 15 metre. Thus, the transportation of goods and machinery becomes more convenient. With a total area of 423.5 hectares and 80 hectares of small warehouse for rent, the industrial park provides enterprises with a favorable geographical location to develop production.

rent a warehouse

Rent a warehouse helps enterprise save considerable cost

2.2/ Rent a warehouse, in Hoa Khanh Industrial Park supported by bundled services

The warehouse system of is designed with a perfect steel frame, each floor has an office area of 180m2. To meet the living needs, each warehouse, including small workhop will have its own office and canteen. Electricity and water systems of Hoa Khanh Industrial Park can meet all production needs of enterprises. The environment around the industrial park is designed in combination with the greenery system, garage and provided with security guards, etc. Especially all legal documents for the process of leasing warehouses are supported by the industrial park.

3/ Rent a warehouse, in Tan Kim Industrial Park - Long An

3.1/ Rent a warehouse, , small size warehouse for rent, small warehouse, small workshop for rent, warehouse rent, warehouse to rent in Tan Kim Industrial Park is the place received much investment capital from domestic and foreign enterprises

Tan Kim Industrial Park is one of the key places to promote the urbanization process of Long An province. This is also an industrial park in Vietnam that meets the conditions for economic development. Therefore, it has received much investment capital from domestic and foreign enterprises.

3.2/ Kizuna offers Rent a warehouse, service in Tan Kim Industrial Park

Referring to Tan Kim Industrial Park, it is impossible not to mention Kizuna - a prestigious Rent a warehouse, lessor near HCMC. The company invests a series of built-up service warehouses ) in Long An province. Enterprises can Rent a warehouse, to start production without construction.

rent a warehouse

Rent a warehouse with system warehouse in Kizuna

Rent a warehouse, service with all production here have the most modern transportation as well as electricity and water systems. Kizuna will assist enterprises with legal procedures, tax code registration, etc. In particular, the company has Kizuna Hub - an online support tool for enterprises. This tool helps enterprises in finding information, business cooperation, contracting, etc. It can be said that Kizuna provides enterprises with all the utilities when leasing its warehouses. If you intend to rent a warehouse to save costs, do not forget to choose Kizuna.

Above are 3 large industrial parks for rent a warehouse, service. Warehouse leasing plays a significantly important role in the development of an enterprise. A model of quality warehouse facilitates the development of production process. This useful information is hoped to help enterprises to make the best decision. Rent a warehouse - the ideal choice for domestic and foreign enterprises 



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