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Design standards of small factory for food production

Nice factory design and consistent with the production plan are always interested by many investors. Especially it is in the food manufacturing industry. So what are the rules need to follow in construction of the small factory in food production? In the following article, Kizuna will introduce you some points need to follow in small factory design.

Current situation of food production factories in Vietnam

Currently, the situation of environmental pollution caused by factories is a painful issue in society. This problem is not only happening in Vietnam but also in developing countries. Waste generated from these factories not only pollutes the environment but also affects human health. Therefore, Vietnam has taken strong sanctions to overcome this. The State will regularly send inspection teams and suspend plant operations if there are signs of violations.

small factory design

Besides, many investors have to rent factories from poor quality suppliers. Factory quality does not meet production scale. This affects plant efficiency as well as creates legal risks for enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should find a professional factory for rent supplier. Therefore, enterprises can create a safe, efficient and long-lasting production environment.

3 Standards to be combined when building a small food factory

1/ Design standards of small factory combined with technical methods

Depending on the plan and the product of the investor, a food production factory must ensure the basic elements. The factory designs should comply with the following technical methods:

-Prevent production contamination to a minimum

-Arrange convenient space for maintenance, disinfection and minimize the level of air pollution inside the factory

-Using appropriate construction materials, ensuring no toxic substances are produced when contacting with food, ensuring durability, easy cleaning and convenient maintenance.

-Options for controlling temperature, humidity and effective food protection against pests from outside.

small factory design

The next thing to consider is to choose the appropriate location for small factory design. Choosing a factory design location is very important for food production factories. Basic criteria to choose the factory location that enterprises need to know are.

-Do not locate your factory in a contaminated area, and where there are too many other industrial activities that can contaminate food.

-Do not locate your factory in areas prone to flooding and effective protection measures should be prepared when floods occur.

2/ Good layout of small factory design and departments

A standard small factory design must create the best conditions for hygiene options. It includes food hygiene, anti-pollution between production stages together. Factory structure must meet the following criteria:

-Choose a durable material, convenient for maintenance when necessary, and can be disinfected.

-The surface of walls, partitions and floors must be constructed of good waterproofing material, not producing harmful substances.

-Materials used for the floor are easy to clean, and good drainage plans should be in place.

-Ceilings and materials used on the ceiling must limit fine dust, avoid dropping dust during production.

-Windows are easy to clean, install nets against invasive insects and must be leakless to prevent contamination from outside pollution into the factory.