Top 3 standards to choose a warehouse for sale

Today, industrialization and modernization grow strongly. Factories, warehouses of enterprises have been built up a lot. However, it is difficult to choose the right warehouse for sale. The following article will provide top 3 standards to choose a warehouse for sale.

Top 3 standards to choose a warehouse for sale

1/ Quality standards of a warehouse for sale

1.1/ Work quality of warehouse for sale

1.1.1/ Construction structure of warehouse for sale

A warehouse for sale must meet construction quality standards. And the work quality is shown in the structure of the warehouse or factory. It is the arrangement of machinery and equipment and ensuring elements of environmental sanitation. The fire protection system, as well as fire safety, are also paid attention to.

1.1.2/ Construction design of warehouse for sale

For a warehouse structure, a safe warehouse must follow the construction design. All construction processes from foundation,  erection of columns, purlins, braces, covers, partitions, doors and roofs must meet requirements. In addition, construction materials must ensure quality according to standards.

warehouse for sale

1.2/ Machines and equipment arrangement in the warehouse for sale

The quality standards of a warehouse for sale are also reflected in the arrangement of production machines and equipment. The machines and equipment must be continuously arranged according to the technological process. One machine follows the other logically. The path must not cross each other or be arranged in a spiral way. Complex, long lines can be arranged in a zig-zag line. For simple lines, the layout is in a straight line.

In addition, the installation must ensure the distance among the equipment and between the equipment and the wall. Such installation is easy to manipulate, repair and replace. Besides, ensuring the factors of hygiene, electricity, water, temperature, light, ... are also criteria of a "beautiful" factory or not.

1.3/ Water supply and wastewater treatment system of warehouse for sale

A warehouse for sale has separate water supply systems used for production and used for drinking. This helps ensure the health of workers. In addition, water must be taken from factories. Do not take water from rivers and lakes to avoid polluted water. Moreover, this helps enterprises avoid cases of water shortages in the dry season.

At the same time, the wastewater treatment system must also ensure environmental sanitation. The output of the wastewater source is in the right place. In particular, do not affect the water of the people. Regarding the lighting of the factory, it is necessary to design two separate areas: Space for workers to use natural light and separate space for food preservation.

warehouse for sale

2/ Usage standard of warehouse for sale

To qualify for a warehouse for sale, compliance with the intended use is essential. A warehouse for sale is a place built in accordance with the purpose of use. The a warehouse for sale has all areas for production and offices. Especially, there is a hygienic area for its own functions.

3/ Beauty standards of warehouse for sale

The most important standard for a warehouse for sale is the aesthetic standard. A warehouse meeting aesthetic standards is an appropriate location. The location has a long-lasting impact on the operations and interests of enterprises. At the same time, it also has a long-lasting impact on the people in surrounding area. You need to find an appropriate location to facilitate enterprises contact with customers. Since then, enterprises will penetrate, dominate the market, promote production and business.

warehouse for sale

4 / Warehouse for sale offered by Kizuna

Warehouse for sale offered by Kizuna not only serves all three quality standards but also is diverse in choices.

4.1/ Warehouse for sale by types

There are many types of warehouses that Kizuna offers such as small warehousesmall size warehouse for rentsmall ​​warehouse for lease in Long Anmedium warehouselarge warehousewarehouse to rentwarehouse for leasewarehouse rentalgood quality warehouse for rent in Long Anwarehouse for rent near HCMCwarehouse near Ho Chi Minh. And besides factory, Kizuna also offerers small factorysmall size factorymedium factorymedium size factorybig factorylarge factorylarge size factoryfactory for leaseindustrial factoryindustrial area factorysmart factorystandard factoryprofessional factorynew built factoryready built factorycost saving factorydiverse scale factorystorage factoryquality factoryfactory has cranecheap factory rentalfactory for rent near HCMCfactory in industrial zonefood factoryfood producing factory for rentfurniture factorypackaging factoryfactory for mechanical engineering for rent,  small workshopsmall workshop for rentsmall workshop for rent near HCMCmedium workshopmedium size workshop for rent in Long Anlarge workshopready built workshop for renthigh quality workshop for rentserviced workshop for rentserviced workshop for rent near HCMCworkshop for rent in industrial park

4.2/ Warehouse for sale by sizes

In tern of size, Kizuna provides warehouse such as: 100m2 warehouse rentals and other sizes in different forms300m2 factory2000m2 factory500m2 factory for rent1000m2 factory for rent,  5000m2 factory100m2 factory for rent in Long An1000m2 workshop for rent near HCMC for the enterprises' choice.

Above are the top 3 standards to help enterprises evaluate the quality of a warehouse near Ho Chi Minh supplier. These three criteria directly affect the benefits, safety of factories and surrounding residents. If enterprises do not comply properly and adequately, the Government will take necessary sanctions and even stop the operation of the warehouse.

Does the warehouse location also depend on whether it is near the source of raw materials? Is it convenient for transportation? Is it near the labor source? Nice factory location must also ensure a balance with the location of equipment to create the best working conditions for workers. Working effectively can improve labor productivity. Therefore, a warehouse for sale must meet the standards for quality, use and aesthetics. We hope that the article above provides useful information for your enterprises.



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