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Price of warehouse for rent near HCMC in Vietnam

Factory rental cost is always an important issue for enterprises. An ideal factory for rent should have a balance between price and quality. So how is the price of warehouses for rent near HCMC? How can prices be considered reasonable? Find out with Kizuna!

price of warehouse for rent near hcmc, warehouse for rent near hcmc

Price of warehouse for rent near HCMC is reasonable

3 Factors affecting the price of warehouse for rent near HCMC

1. Warehouse for rent near hcmc location

1.1. The price of warehouse for rent near hcmc is lower than in the city centre

The location of the warehouse is very important in the business. A prime location with many utilities always has a high price. Especially in the city center, the price of warehouse for rent near HCMC is always at an extremely high level. Because the city centers are always densely populated. Thus, the tight area of ​​land fund where "demand exceeds supply" makes the price of warehouse for rent near HCMC higher.

1.2. Choose warehouse for rent near HCMC that matches your business type

The warehouse does not necessarily belong to a large industrial park or a large downtown. Because in these areas the cost of renting or buying a warehouse is very expensive.  The best warehouse is the one that matches the business orientation. That could be near the source of materials. Or factories have convenient transportation to facilitate transportation and transactions.

 price of warehouse for rent near hcmc, warehouse for rent near hcmc

Choose reasonable price of warehouse for rent near HCMC held enterprises save cost

2. Price of warehouse for rent near HCMC depends on quality

Ready-built factories need to be designed and flexibly built as required by the enterprises. Basically, the warehouse needs to ensure the standards and utilities used for each manufacturing industry. A professional and quality warehouse  will always have a high price of warehouse for rent near HCMC.

However, the quality of the warehouse is one of the determinants of production efficiency. Quality warehouse will ensure safety for workers. Production activities are mainly heavy machinery and equipment, with strong vibration. If the warehouse is not of good quality, it will quickly degrade. In addition, the workshop designed to welcome natural light and good ventilation will create a comfortable environment for workers to work.

3. Warehouse for rent near hcmc after-sale service

Usually, when selling a warehouse built-in reputable suppliers always provide with preferential after-sales services. These models are more expensive than other warehouse products. However, in the long run, the after-sales advantages bring great benefits. After-sales services such as carrying out legal and administrative procedures, and  other services at preferential prices.

One fact is that it is difficult for investors to find land to build factories because of legal procedures or locations that are not in the market of enterprises. Moreover, the land fund for building factories is more and more limited, so the land price also increases sharply. The solution of the business is to choose to buy ready-built warehouses. However, industrial zones only have factories of a few thousand m2, which is not suitable for medium enterprises or those who want to have small workshops.

Understanding this difficulty, Kizuna now offers  a warehouse area from 240m2 to 10,000m2. When buying Kizuna's service workshop, it also creates a good development environment. Coming to Kizuna, you can also rent a warehouse in Long An with a reasonable price.

price of warehouse for rent near hcmc, warehouse for rent near hcmc

Kizuna has reasonable price of warehouse for rent near HCMC

Kizuna's Warehouse for rent near HCMC meets the requirements of all businesses

1. Warehouse for rent near hcmc: convenient location 

Kizuna is a enterprise that offers a reasonable price of warehouses for rent near HCMC and is preferred by many investors. Especially, the warehouse location is one of Kizuna's strong points:

Located in the key economic region of southern Vietnam, the warehouse conveniently connects to important transport hubs of the region, especially ports, international airports, highways. 

It shares borders with Tp. City and Phu My Hung urban area with many utilities and amenities.

It is located in a large industrial park with complete infrastructure & incentives in the industrial park

2. Warehouse for rent near HCMC high quality model

Kizuna's warehouse model is not only diverse in size and in area but also in optimal architecture.

Enterprises can hire within a few years to see if the market is suitable and then they can request to buy Kizuna warehouse. This is time-saving as they will not have to explore land for construction, process legal documents, and verify whether the warehouse environment suitable for manufacturing industries. Be quick to choose the warehouse for rent in Long An to get a high quality warehouse!

Should choose reasonable price of warehouse for rent near HCMC

3. Warehouse for rent near hcmc support service

We offer free support for the initial legal & legal procedures during operation and free of the essential essential legal services, as well as an ecosystem of comprehensive support services and professional service team multilingual Japanese, Korean, English ... This force will support and provide information throughout the operation of the warehouse. On the other hand, businesses wishing to change licenses or other activities can contact Kizuna for support at extremely preferential price.

In sum, Kizuna is proud to be able to offer to its customers the following benefits: 

- Strategic locations: Long An - nears HCMC, harbors, airport, Phu My Hung residential zone 

- Optimal architecture: Variety scales from 250m2 to 80,000m2 with clear views and modern canopy system 

- Infrastructure system and utilities of Factory Zones are all synchronized: clean, green area, water system, three-faces electricity power, canteen and 24/7 security  

- Ecosystem provides more than 50 services 

- Our staffs can assist in all languages

- Easy in - Easy out: fast operation, can liquidate before the end of the contract, without losing the deposit. 

Kizuna - a place for renting ready-built service factories that meets all the warehouse standards that businesses need. The quality of the warehouse here is very good but the rental price is also reasonable, and is worth the attention of the business. Come to Kizuna to get a reasonable price of warehouse for rent near HCMC.

Efficient production with Kizuna workshop rental planning!

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