The most common type of industrial factory for lease in Vietnam in 2020

Currently, enterprises often choose to rent ready-built industrial factory for their business. This solution saves both time and cost for them and enables them to go into operation soon. What are the common types of industrial factories? Let find out with Kizuna in the article below.

common types of industrial factories

The most common type of factory currently

1. Single ready-built factory

This is a popular type of industrial factory design in Vietnam. This type of factory has a small span, less than 12m in length and usually from 4m to 7m in height. Large factories usually have a length of about 12m. They are commonly used in heavy industries and can be equipped with cranes. There are single-span and multi-span factories, factories with the same height or with many different heights. Factories with many spans can take advantage of natural light; therefore, roof doors should be used. Vertical or horizontal roof doors are chosen depending on the position of the roof doors.

Based on the purpose of use and flexible combination process, the design of single-storey industrial factories is also diverse. These can be single-roofed factories, 2-roofed factories, serrated roof factories, ... In terms of the roofs, there are many different types: conical roof, M-shaped roofs, mixed roofs. In terms of ground, there are rectangular ground, U-shaped or L-shaped grounds, etc.