Major electronics manufacturers accelerate the process of shifting factories from China to Vietnam

Being “the world’s factory" for a long time but the cost is getting more expensive, plus the risks from the US-China trade war and most recently the outbreak of new strain of coronavirus, China has lost its attractiveness in the eyes of international investors, especially electronics manufacturers. Most recently, the two giants, Google and Microsoft are accelerating efforts to shift production of their new phones, personal computers and other devices from China to Southeast Asia, with factories in Vietnam and Thailand expected to be the beneficiaries.

Google and Microsoft electronics production plan

Google is set to begin production of its latest low-cost smartphone -- expected to be dubbed the Pixel 4A -- with its partners in northern Vietnam as soon as April. Google also plans to manufacture its next-generation flagship smartphone -- the Pixel 5, as it is expected to be called -- in the second half of 2020 directly from the Southeast Asian nation.