Kizuna provides good warehouse Vietnam with many acreage

Kizuna is one of the most prestigious providers of ready-built warehouse Vietnam for rent. When coming to Kizuna, businesses will have the opportunity to cooperate with the workshop rental agency that has professional and modern services. All are to help enterprises develop business and production models in the most convenient way. When choosing a Kizuna ready-built warehouse Vietnam for rent, businesses will find out various diverse scale warehouse Vietnam. Simultaneously, enterprises also receive many accompanied support services of Kizuna. 

7 supporting services when choosing a Kizuna ready-built warehouse Vietnam for rent

#1 First legal support service when renting warehouse Vietnam

The initial procedures always make enterprises meet a lot of difficulties, especially for the foreign. At Kizuna, when hiring a ready-built workshop for rent, businesses will receive free support services such as:

-Registration of investment project execution (IRC paper or investment project execution report)

-Registration for establishing an enterprise/ branch of the Company (ERC paper)

-Registration for a tax code

-Making a seal and certifying the Company’s seal model

-It will help enterprises save much time when coming into operation. Since then, businesses will be able to prevent legal risks and always ready to start manufacturing plants.

#2 Human resources service

The personnel procedures that Vietnamese enterprises have to register quite a lot. Especially when newly established, businesses will face many difficulties when preparing enough documents. Kizuna can support the following items registered in Vietnam:

-Support the creation and registration of the labor regulations. 

-Support the adjustment and re-registration of the labor regulations.

-Support the foundation of the Union of Building Workers and the registration of the collective labor agreements. 

-Support making excel files to calculate enterprises’ salaries for the first time.

-Support monthly salary calculation in 6 months or up to 1 year.

-Support the registration of business codes for the first time participating in social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance.

-Support initial labor registrations.

-Supporting enterprises create and register salary regulations.

-Support enterprises adjust, re-register salary regulations as well as salary scales if needed. 

Warehouse Vietnam offer many advantage for enterprises

These personnel procedures are not only time-consuming but also diminishing the enterprises’ costs. In particular, the initial documents are always the ground for the execution of subsequent records. Therefore, the Kizuna human resources service always updates the latest legal information in Vietnam. Enterprises will be supported to make personnel procedures accurately and operate smoothly as well.

#3 Accounting service

Not only supporting legal and human resources problems, but Kizuna also supports accounting procedures if you choose a Kizuna ready-built warehouse Vietnam for rent. For businesses that don’t have the accounting departments, Kizuna will perform on your behalf:

-Declaring and paying business rates

-Register the initial accounting form

-Declaration of value-added tax

-Declaration of temporarily calculated corporate income tax

-Register a digital signature of enterprises (VNPT provider)

-Register for declaring and paying E-tax

#4 Administrative service

Besides the initial support services, Kizuna also supports the administrative procedures for businesses. Can be mentioned as:

-Reception/ to receive guests on behalf of enterprises.

-Receive incoming mail and deliver correspondence and faxes paid by the businesses.

-Support buying drinking-water in the first stage.

-Free Wifi in the Kizuna office area.

-Use the lounge-up to 8 guests.

-Recruitment support: post a notice at Kizuna recruitment bulletin, hang banners, and post on the Kizuna job website.

-Support enterprises to carry out procedures of copying and notarizing legal documents at the People’s Committee of Tan Kim Commune.

-Support translating English and Japanese documents into Vietnamese or conservely.

Also, Kizuna has a daily car to pick up staff from District 7 to Kizuna. Enterprises can use this car to help employees move more conveniently and economically. And there are many other administrative services for businesses when hiring a ready-built workshop for rent.

#5 Environmental service

Environment factors are always closely concerned with Vietnamese law. Each enterprise must be obligated to report all the environmental protection situation in the manufacture plants. Especially food warehouse Vietnam, packaging warehouse, warehouse rental or small warehouse Vietnam,... need to make the reports. When choosing a Kizuna ready-built warehouse Vietnam for rent, enterprises will be supported to draft an environmental protection plan. The plan can include these below contents:

-Support to prepare the Occupational Safety and Health report to help businesses save time and human resources.

-Support the preparation of harmful waste management reports.

-Support the preparation of waste source owners, on behalf of enterprises to submit them to the appropriate authorities.

-Support enterprises in preparing periodic environmental supervising reports.

-Support the preparation of an environmental protection plan, asking for approval at the appropriate authorities before coming into production.

#6 Maintenance service

Renting warehouse Vietnam is a good choice

The small services accompanied when hiring Kizuna warehouse Vietnam as:

-Support handy service to help enterprises clean up when unable to find cleaning staff.

-Install computer software on demand (not including software)

-Troubleshoot computer, network, switchboard problems door-to-door in-office hours 8:30 ~ 16:30

#7 Information supporting

Finally, Kizuna also has a team of staff who serve multilingual Japanese, English, and Korean. They will give you more information during the process of leasing a warehouse Vietnam at Kizuna. Your question will be cleared up in an enthusiastic and thoughtful way.

The above are the accompanied services that businesses will receive when choosing a Kizuna ready-built warehouse Vietnam for rent. These are all essential and beneficial services to provide maximum support for enterprises to produce and trade in the most favorable environment.


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