Procedures for establishing a cosmetic manufacturing company in Vietnam

Higher living standards have increased human demands for high-quality cosmetics. The cosmetic industry is always the orientation for which a lot of enterprises are aiming. Therefore, many cosmetic manufacturing companies are appearing with diverse segments in the Vietnamese market. So what are the procedures to establish a cosmetic manufacturing company?

The cosmetic manufacturing industry needs to ensure the safety standards of health.

Currently, various enterprises have a successful start-up in the cosmetic industry, especially for organic and natural fields. It leads to the appearance of fake cosmetics factory, also known as mixing creams. Therefore, Vietnamese people tend to have psychology in foreign commodities. Consumers become interested in the quality and the brand of cosmetics.

Enterprises should refer to the laws of the cosmetic manufacturing industry, especially for the foreign to create a reputation with consumers. The state has put the cosmetics manufacturing industry in the Law No. 03/2016 / QH14. Those are the regulations and standards on the list of conditional investment and business series of the Investment Law. The detailed information is specified in Decree 93/2016 / ND-CP.

Procedures for establishing a cosmetic manufacturing company in Vietnam

Prepare the enterprise establishment profile

To establish a cosmetic manufacturing company, enterprises have to prepare a full profile:

-An application for enterprise registration.

-Enterprise's regulations. 

-A list of shareholders with a joint-stock company, or a list of limited liability companies;

-Individuals need a notarized copy of the identity card. Or a valid copy of the passport of a member/shareholder.

-The organization needs a notarized copy of the enterprise's registration certificate from a member/shareholder, a notarized copy of the identity card. Or a valid copy of the passport of an organization's legal representative;

-A commission paper for a prestigious law company.

-Some other papers (if needed).

After that, enterprises submit profiles to the Department of Planning and Investment in which the head office is. The time- limit for receiving and processing of documents is commonly from 03 to 06 working days. After this time, enterprises will get a business registration certificate.

Publish the information on business registration

Business registration information must be openly announced on the National Business Registration Portal. The registration duration is within 30 days from the date of being issued the Certificate. The promulgated content includes information on the registration certificate of a cosmetic manufacturing company.

Inscribe the seal and publish the sample seal

Enterprises can inscribe their seals. Or enterprises can grant authority to law companies to complete and notify the effectiveness of the seal sample to the Department of Planning and Investment. When receiving the announcement of the seal sample, enterprises will be granted a receipt by the Business Registration Office. The Business Registration Office will submit the report of the enterprise on the National Portal. After that, it will issue a notice of posting information about the seal sample to the cosmetic manufacturing company.

Apply for a certificate of eligibility for cosmetic manufacturing

Conditions that a manufacturing establishment must follow:

3 conditions that enterprises have to ensure in the cosmetic manufacturing process

Human resources

The employee in charge of production must have deep professional knowledge about the cosmetic industry that includes a range of chemistry, biology, pharmacy, and other related subjects.

Material facilities

Enterprises must have places, manufacturing plants, and high-quality factories that ensure infrastructure. Simultaneously, the equipment has to satisfy the requirements for the cosmetic manufacturing line. Also, there are warehouses to maintain packaging materials and finished products. Or have a qualified cold storage warehouse to preserve products. Moreover, designing a separate area for conserving flammable and explosive substances, highly toxic substances, rejected, recovered, and returned products.

The quality management system

All raw materials and secondary materials must meet the quality standards of manufactures and follow the law as well. Water treatment systems and water used in production must be distributed clearly. Enterprises should execute the production separation in detail. On the other hand, enterprises also need a department to check the quality of raw materials and finished products. It will help you protect your brands before the law.

A certificate of eligibility for cosmetic manufacturing includes: 

-An application for a certificate of eligibility for cosmetic manufacturing following Form No. 02 issued together with Decree 93/2016 / ND-CP;

-Diagrams of the premise and designs of production facilities;

-A list of existing equipment of the manufacture;

-A list of manufacturing or expected commodities and the quality standards of each item.

Enterprises will submit profiles to the Department of Health in which the head office is. Within 30 days after receiving a valid document, the Department of Health has responsibility for inspecting the production facility. If warranted, they will issue a certificate of eligibility for manufacturing. In the case of ineligibility, the Department of Health will notify in writing and give clear reasons.

Completing a scheme is always challenging for any enterprise.  Come to Kizuna service factories! We will help you quickly finish procedures to establish company for manufacturing in Vietnam.




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