Vietnam – “green” gold mine of industry of manufacturing and extracting essential oils

In recent years, industry of manufacturing essential oils has been entered to our country and rapidly accounted for a large part in the share of export turnover of Vietnam. Until now, Vietnam has exported successfully essential oils to about 30 countries in the total of 167 countries on demand of essential oils, making up 1.16% of quantity and 0.6% of market share of essential oils in global. It is shown that industry of producing and extracting essential oils in our country has had changes positively and it is the potential industry. So, what is the reason that made this relatively new industry reach the high position promptly and draw attention to many business investors as well as the Government?

Advantages from “green” gold mine of Vietnam

At the present, with the consumers trending to use natural compounds leads to increase of using demand of essential oils in the world, especially essential oils used in therapy aroma and cosmetic industry. In which, China and India are known as the 2 countries with the biggest consuming and export market of essential oils in the world. However, because there are not many conditions to develop for species of plants used to extract essential oils, almost raw materials of the two countries must import from foreign countries.


Meanwhile, with extremely favorable conditions of climate and land to grow plants which are extracted essential oils, especially plants like incense, mint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, basil, patchouli, oak, etc., Vietnam is considered a “green” gold mine of the industry of producing and extracting essential oils that not all countries can have this incentive. According to statistics of the Vietnam Oil Cosmetic Association (VOCA), our country currently has about 300 kinds of plants that can be used to extract essential oils and in which there are 50 species used the most. In particular, these plants are very easy to grow and do not take too much time to take care as well as less pestilent insects than others, not to mention their extremely potential economic value. Therefore, it is the reason that the industry of producing and extracting essential oils in our country is more and more focused and invested by enterprises and the Government.

Protection of the nation’s “green” gold mine is to contribute to promote the development of the essential oil industry, to increase the country’s economic value as well as help Vietnam to integrate rapidly into the world economy.

By Marketing Department – Kizuna JV Corporation