Product Barcode registration

1/ Mã dịch vụ: PL-11

2/ Mục đích: Product Barcode registration

Product Barcode registration
3/ Chi tiết:

Act on behalf of tenant to register & obtain the barcode(s) for their product(s). Including the following categories:
1. GS1 barcode, 7-digit code (100,000 product codes)
2. GS1 barcode, 8-digit code (10,000 product codes)
3. GS1 barcode, 9-digit code (1,000 product codes)
4. GS1 barcode, 10-digit code (100 product codes)

Remark(s): 15 working days from the date of submitting all the required documents, a temporary barcode will be sent to tenant's email for temporary use (printed on labels, boxes, etc.). The official barcode and certificate will be issued after 2 months.