Declaration of Standard Conformity (for product)

1/ Mã dịch vụ: PL-10

2/ Mục đích: Declaration of Standard Conformity (for the product)(Compulsory for F&B products to be distributed in the Vietnamese market)

Declaration of Standard Conformity (for product)
3/ Chi tiết:

'Declaration of Standard Conformity (for product)
Provide consultation & assist tenant to obtain Declaration of Standard Conformity (DSC) for their product(s). Consisting of 4 steps:
1) Provide consultation & instructions for preparing the application to obtain DSC
2) Provide consultation & instructions for selecting criteria for Sample Test in accordance with corresponding Conformity Standards
3) Perform Sample Test for tenant or assist tenant to perform Sample Test
4) Submit application to the corresponding governmental agencies

Remark(s): 1) Application processing duration: 05 working days from the date of submitting all the required documents. 2) Sample Testing duration: 10 working days (if KIZUNA is delegated to perform the Sample Test).