Opening Ceremony of “Agat Environmental Technology Vietnam” at KZN2

On 3rd October, 2017 (Tue), Opening Ceremony of Agat Environmental Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd which is local enterprise established by Agat Co.,Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) was held at B12b workshop of Kizuna 2 Serviced Factory which Kizuna JV Corporation manages.

5 members including Mr. Taga Toshiyuki – General Director of Agat Co.,Ltd. attended this ceremony. Mr. Shinozaki Toshinobu – Executive director of Adachi Seiwa Shinkin Bank and Mr.Sato Mitsukazu – Branch Manager of Chuo Motoki Sekihara Branch, Mr.Takemoto Masahiro – BIDV trainee from Shinkin Chuo Bank also joined this ceremony to celebrate new start of Agat Environmental Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd.


Agat Co., Ltd is the company specializing in designing, installation and maintenance of air supply and ventilation equipment in Japan. Their newly established company in Vietnam is planning to manufacture the parts for the ventilation used for exhaust facility for the welding production line. Since the first visit at Kizuna in June 2017, Agat Co., Ltd made a quick decision aiming to start operation from October 2017.

After praying for the success of their business by all participants in front of B12b workshop at Kizuna 2, they enjoyed traditional Vietnamese dance performance inside of the workshop.

On behalf of Agat Environmental Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd, Mr. Taga Toshiyuki made a short speech to express his deep appreciation for all supports until today. After dynamic drum performance and Lion Dance wishing for the success of their business, representatives of company cut the ribbon.

After ribbon cutting, Lion Dance Performers walked around each rooms with Staffs of Agat Environmental Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd to expel evil and wish for the success of their business.  At the end of the ceremony, stylish designed new company board was revealed to all participants, which let out the sound of glee and applause from participants.


Members from Adachi seiwa Shinkin Bank who joined this opening ceremony this time, had visited Kizuna 1 as member of inspection group on 2nd Dec, 2013. Through this event, they could visit Kizuna and reunite Kizuna staffs after 4 years from the previous visit, which was the moment to feel “Kizuna” – Bond of the relationship.

Kizuna JV Corporation will keep supporting Agat Environmental Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd. to be able to make smooth start in Vietnam and also focus on attracting more Japanese Clients to expand Japanese community inside of Kizuna.

By Marketing Department – Kizuna JV Corporation