Three criteria to develop green industrial parks sustainably and effective

With the tendency of green industrial parks' development, the Vietnamese market is also getting a lot of significant changes which makes the industrial economy more sustainable and efficient. It also contributes to minimizing the damaging impact influencing the ecosystem currently.

The orientation of enterprises to develop green industrial parks recently

Besides ensuring the operational quality, investors are also paying much attention to environmental protection issues. It is considered a measure to determine the reputation of the industrial park with other investors. Simultaneously, it helps promote both the faculty of growth and the potential of enterprises that contribute to the optimization process of the green industry according to the “green” standard.

Green industrial park

The thorny problem here is how to develop the industry and protect the environment at the same time. We can not concentrate on picking up the industry and damage the environment. Therefore, localities, as well as investors, are actively furthering the construction and the development of green industrial parks.

Three criteria to develop green industrial parks sustainably and effective

Optimal design of waste treatment plant

Most factories in industrial parks do not have an appropriate wastewater treatment plant. This actuality is leading to stagnation and the pollution of water. The households around the industrial park have lots of difficulties in using domestic water. Therefore, the provision of a cleaning system for inspecting and reusing is so essential.

Green industrial park

The water supply and drainage system also should be invested in a more modern and large-scale way because industrial parks often use machines, vehicles, and factories that release a lot of waste such as solid, liquid, and gas. Therefore, in a green industrial park, it is necessary to limit the number of toxic substances into the environment. By applying new technologies, automation instead of traditional ways will solve this problem. For example, we can use natural energy sources like sun, wind, water, etc. In particular, we should use recyclable materials to save fuel and costs. Also, making a plan to collect and treat waste in an optimal measure. Crucially, you must avoid unreasonable dispersal and discharge.

Developing the green environment

One of the most crucial parts of the plan of creating a green industrial park is to create a landscape with a green lifestyle. This innovation helps eliminate the inflexibility and the boredom often found in many other industrial parks.  Specifically, the oriented goal is to develop the landscape of greenery, lawns, and lakes around the industrial park. Green vegetation will reduce noise, restrict the heat of factories and the amount of exhaust gas to the environment. Since then, it brings a clean air source into the working space and minimizes the greenhouse effect and helps balance the climate change as well. It also helps to promote the spirit of labors and prevent respiratory diseases.