Kizuna factory for rent near Binh Duong with modern facilities

Kizuna is a pioneer in ready-built factory has service solutions in Vietnam. Kizuna provides an efficient, cost-effective production environment. Thus, it helps enterprises quickly start operation. The company has built a series of ready-built service factories, with optimal technical infrastructure. Not only that, but you are also provided with a shared utility system and a comprehensive ecosystem of support services. And in fact, Kizuna ready-built factory is increasingly expanding. Currently, Kizuna provides factory for rent near Binh Duong with modern facilities. Thanks to that, the company has attracted many domestic and foreign enterprises.

Kizuna factory for rent near Binh Duong with prestige - quality

Kizuna factory areas for rent provide an efficient production environment. From there, enterprises can develop intelligent production models. Currently, Kizuna owns 3 factory areas for rent: Kizuna 1, Kizuna 2, Kizuna 3, located in Can Giuoc district, Long An province. Kizuna focuses on foreign customers, occupies the market for factory for rent near Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh City.

factory for rent near Binh Duong

Kizuna factory system has an optimal architecture, helps enterprises make the most of space. Factory area varies in scale from 96m2 to tens of thousands of m2. Not only that, the baseload from 500kg up to 3 tons is suitable for many types of production.

The space of the factory is well ventilated with natural lighting to help save electrical energy. The roof system in front of the workshop is convenient to be parking area for employees’ vehicles and loading and unloading areas in all weather conditions. The process of design and construction investment is always optimally improved from Kizuna 1 to 2,3. In addition, Kizuna factory for rent near Binh Duong is also featured with many modern design points.

1/ Modern factory with ready power supply, water supply, transportation systems 

factory for rent near Binh Duong

Kizuna factory for rent near Binh Duong where its favorable location in the southern economic region. A location with good connectivity to important transportation hubs of the region. Kizuna factory for rent is also located in the industrial park with complete infrastructure system and entitled to preferential policies as prescribed. The factory is committed to being equipped with professional and optimal auxiliary equipment for production. Specifically: it providing two EVN power sources with 100% backup capacity and solar power system.  In addition, there are also high speed IT infrastructure systems and a lot of other services.

2/ Kizuna modern quality factory for rent near Binh Duong with 3-layer and 24/7 security system

As another factory for rent near Binh Duong, Kizuna pays great attention to the security. Besides ensuring the infrastructure, a good factory must always ensure security. This is also the strength of Kizuna factories which are installed with 3-layer security system. A modern, safe and comprehensive security system: it provides security booths available at the gate of the workshop, the camera systems set up at each workshop and the fence system surrounding the workshop. Thanks to that, security in the workshop is always the safest. This is also a worthy plus point for Kizuna ready-built factory system.

3/ Modern factory with Business Center sharing utility, common canteen, clean green landscape