Kizuna 3 offers small-sized rental serviced factories

To commemorate the 5-year anniversary of Kizuna formation and development, in August 2017, the Kizuna 3 Rental Serviced Factory was officially kicked off, marking a constant advance in building the SMEs community in Vietnam. With its favorable geographical location is still ensured, Kizuna 3 located in Tan Kim Expansion IP, Long An Province, which is only about 1.3 km away from Kizuna 2.

With a total area of 43,460 m2, Kizuna 3 is expected to provide 39 small-sized factories of 240-648 m2 for investors, which is considered to be the most suitable size for SMEs for initial investment. The structure of the factory is similar to the previous two projects, the foundation of the factory can bear loading capacity of 2-3 tons/m2 and can be installed cranes of 2 ~ 5 tons. Moreover, second floor with the loading capacity of 300kg/m2 can be built inside the workshop for more convenient and save cost. Tenants can use this floor as office or storage. 

Top view - KIZUNA 3

Understanding difficulties that enterprises often encounter when starting operation, Kizuna 3 not only focuses on investing in the complete technical infrastructure but also continues to provide more than 50 services supporting optimally for enterprises. In which, services such as application for investment certificate, business registration certificate, specific sub-certificates for each business line, and recruitment support are very essential for new enterprises.

Kizuna 3 Rental Serviced Factory will be ready sequentially from mid-January 2018 and the construction of all factories will be completed by April 2018. The latest information and pictures of Kizuna 3 will be updated continuously on Kizuna website at and Facebook page @kizunajv.

Especially, the first 5 customers who sign reservation agreement for workshop in Kizuna 3 Rental Serviced Factory can receive special incentives. Contact now for more information: Ms. Nguyen Son Kim – Phone number (+84 913 716 703) or Email

By Marketing Department – Kizuna JV Corporation