Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

1/ Mã dịch vụ: MT-02

2/ Mục đích: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA):ĐTM level (highest level) (Requisite Environmental Protection level is based on the project's industry & production's scale - designated in Article 3 of Appendix 1, Decree No. 40/2019/ND-CP of the Vietnamese government)

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
3/ Chi tiết:

Before starting manufacturing operation, enterprise must has its EIA setup & approved.

KIZUNA's scope of work:
- Provide consultation regarding the procedures related to the EIA.
- Prepare the application & necessary documents
- Submit the application to the competent authorities on behalf of tenant & get the official approvals.

- This is a one-time process for each investment project and must be done before starting manufacturing operation.
- Once the EIA is approved, if tenant changes the address or fails to start their manufacturing operation within 24 months, re-registration of EIA is needed.