Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the advantage in Kizuna?

√ 24/7 security & technical operation.
√ Best working environment where you can just concentrate on manufacturing activities with services in legal procedures, HR,& administration, IT, maintain, accounting…
√ Easy check-in/out in accordance with the change of your project plan
√ Can buy factory
√ Dual power supply from Long An province and Ho Chi Minh to support investor can maintain production activities continuously 24/24
√ Easily to establish EPE’ investment certification (Enterprise Processing Export)


2. Will Kizuna support customers to apply for the Investment Certificate? How long does it take to finish the procedure?

Kizuna provides free-of-charged support for customers to gain the Investment Certificate as soon as possible. Customers only provide sufficient documents and files related to the requirement of the legal procedure.
Customers will pay the actual fee arising from the legal procedure. (From $100 to $200 with VAT invoice)
Estimated time to complete the procedure: 02 months.


3. Do we need security guard personally?

Kizuna set up 3 layer of security system (1 in/out gate, 2.1 m surrounded wall, camera in front of each workshop, 24/7 security guard) so that most tenants do not employ their own security guards. However, if you need to hire security guard for your inside workshop, you can employ by yourselves.


4. Please tell me about the type of industries which Kizuna does not accept to enter. How about the pressing which make loud sound?

We encourage almost industries to invest in Kizuna Rental Serviced Factory. However, dying industry is not recommended. For more detail, please send us the flowchart of your company, we will check with government agency (Laeza) if your industry can invest here or not.


5. Is it easy to employ the workers? How to recruit?

KIZUNA collect database of CVs and send this database for tenants if they need. Besides, we also support customer by posting job advertisement near the entrance of KIZUNA, in local recruitment center and Kizuna website.


6. Please tell me about the industrial waste company. Do you already have particular industrial waste companies using in IP?

We have 3 industrial waste companies to introduce to the tenants. You also can choose one of them if you like. Each company has their own strength in treating industrial waste.


7. Can KZN upgrade the electricity for sewing machines and pressure machines?

Basically, there are 3 options for customer based on the volume of electricity want to upgrade. For more detail, please send the quantity of machines and the necessary power of each so KZN can consult.


8. How about the security camera?

In addition to our security camera in the canopy area, some tenants also install the security cameras inside and outside of their factories. And tenants can see their factory even they are not in their office by watching online.