Tư vấn tuyển dụng (TƯ VẤN)

Tư vấn tuyển dụng (TƯ VẤN)

Mã dịch vụ: NS-04

[Consultation & Implementation] Organizational structure

1/ Mã dịch vụ: NS-01B

2/ Mục đích: [Consultation & Implementation]Organizational structure

[Consultation & Implementation] Organizational structure
3/ Chi tiết:

- For new enterprise or current enterprise which have not implemented the HR management system.
- Provide consultation & assist tenant with developing suitable organizational structure with necessary departments, department functions, necessary & key positions, suitable headcount plan, and other related topics.

KIZUNA's scope of work:
1) Provide consultation & develop suitable organizational structure for tenant's enterprise
2) Prepare detailed definition for company's department functions,
3) Prepare detailed job descriptions for initial key positions (<= 10 positions)

Remark(s): Duration of service: within 6 months from starting date of service.