10/31/2019 14:00, Tin tức - Sự kiện

Top 5 most popular small size factory models nowadays

For newly established manufacturing enterprises, small size factory is always the preferred choice as they have limited capital and hence need to minimize initial investment costs. But that is not enough because they must choose the suitable workshop model.

Top 5 most popular small food producing factory for rent

1. Workshop model with sheet metal roofs and steel frames

The structure of this workshop consists of a steel frame with surrounded sheet metal section and roofs.  Advantages of a small size factory with sheet metal roofs include short construction time and less expensive cost. Another advantage is being easy to expand in case of upgrading or refurbishing as well as dismantling and moving.

2. Workshop with transparent sheet metal roofs

This workshop is characterized by a roof designed with transparent layers which results in its advantage in ensuring lighting and energy saving for lighting. Its interior design is very open, spacious and convenient for transportation. On the other hand, workshop with transparent sheet metal roofs is commonly used in tropical countries.