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Revealing 4 regulations about a standard factory

How to identify a standard factory? That is the question that makes many investors have to think. To answer this question, the following article will list 4 regulations about a standard factory.

The basic regulations about a standard factory

In the field of construction, there are also specific standards for work quality. Standard of quality factory has 4 basic regulations as follows: The roof and dormer slope, the ground and foundation loads, Illumination levels of windows, doors, bearing capacity of walls and partitions.

standard factory

1. The roof and dormer slope

According to the Construction Regulations revised and promulgated in 2012, the construction items must meet the technical requirements. For the roof and dormer, the slope must be ensured. This requirement is important for a factory. Depending on the materials used for the roof, the requirement for the slope of standard factory is different. For the corrugated iron roofs, the slope must be from 15% - 20%. For the tile roofs, the slope must reach 50% - 60%. For reinforced concrete roofs, the slope must reach 5% - 8%.

2. The ground and foundation loads

Ground and foundations are the two most important parts of a building. Especially with high-rise factories. Standard factories often have strong foundations with large loads. According to TCVN 2737: 1995, the ground of the building must be higher than the surface of the foundation. In case the construction ground is soft, there must be backup plans. Enterprises need to technically solidify the underground part of the work and reinforce the materials for the foundation. For underground factory or construction work, more attention should be paid to the construction structure. In addition, enterprises must consider the density of works on construction ground.

3. Illumination levels of windows, doors

The light element is very important to the production process. Therefore, the windows and doors of the factory must ensure illumination. If so, then  the new factory meets the construction standards. A standard factory will have appropriate design of window and door. When designing factory windows, the height measured from the floor must not be higher than 2.4 m. The glass part of the window must have a fixed frame. In addition, the glazing area must be at a height of 2.4m above the floor. For doors, when installing, a firm clamping section must be sure to be present. Door system must be designed to open and close mechanically.

standard factory

4. Bearing capacity of walls and partitions

Walls and partitions are two parts that help separate the inside of the workshop from the outside environment. For standard factory, the walls and partitions must ensure the parameters of bearing capacity. Depending on the characteristics, size and purpose of the workshop, the walls and partitions will be individually designed. There are three basic types of walls and partitions: load-bearing walls and partitions, self-bearing walls and cladding of framing structure.

Kizuna standard factory

Complying with the provisions of the Vietnam Construction Standards, Volume 1,2,3, issued in 1996, 1997 and supplemented in 2012, the works of factory for rent of Kizuna Company all meet the technical and design standards. At the same time, 3 Kizuna factory areas are located in the southern key economic center of Long An province. With a favorable location, Kizuna service factory area will certainly help enterprises develop smoothly.