10/03/2019 14:00, Tin tức - Sự kiện

New steps of ready-built factory for rent in Vietnam

Utilities and modernity are the characteristics of the suppliers of  factory for rent near HCMC today. Those are also new development steps of factory model in Vietnam. So, How are the utility and modernity of ready-built factory for rent shown? The following article will help entrepreneurs answer this question.

2 new features of ready-built factory for rent in Vietnam

1/ The structure design of ready-built factory for rent is modern and flexible

Factory architecture

 First of all, the architectural model of the ready-built factory needs to be concerned. Ready-built factories are now classified into three basic types. Criteria for classification are based on construction materials, usage purpose and height of the factory. In terms of construction materials, there is reinforced concrete factory.

ready-built factory for rent in Vietnam

There is also a kind of steel frame factory, or steel structure factory. Steel structure factory, or pre-engineered steel factory, is a new step in factory construction. The construction time is shorter than before. Moreover, the supplier of factory for rent can also quickly provide services.

There are many types of factory architecture, so the factory areas are also very diverse. Ready-built factory for rent  has diverse sizes ranging from 96m2 to 10000m2. Thus enterprises can choose the scale appropriate to their production capabilities. Currently, there are many factory whose structure is easy to expand the area. Therefore, it is simpler to reduce or expand the workshop.

 Factory environment and ecosystem

 The surrounding environment is also more focused than before, that is the factory ecosystem. The quality ready-built factory is improving the green factory model. Kizuna JV Joint Stock Company is proud to be one of the suppliers of factory for rent near Ho Chi Minh City that meets this standard. The trees are arranged around the workshop to help improve the environment, reduce noise, etc The reduction of CO2 emissions will improve the health of workers.

ready-built factory for rent in Vietnam

Kizuna equips modern electrical systems to each factory. Inside the workshop, there are 2 EVN power sources with 100% of the backup capacity. Not only that, Kizuna also provides solar power system. Therefore, enterprises can be assured of production and cost savings.

Kizuna ready-built factory for rent is equipped with high-speed IT infrastructure. Network bandwidth up to 500Mbps is shared for all factories. Thanks to IT infrastructure, important data of enterprises will be digitized. In addition, it also creates a seamless connection among departments and between departments and customers.

2 / Quick and useful support service 

To be able to implement production activities, enterprises need to have sufficient licenses. Kizuna will support enterprises in applying for legal licenses in the shortest time. These licenses include: registration of investment project, registration of business establishment, registration of tax codes and stamp. Foreign enterprises often face barriers in language. Therefore, our multilingual staff will help enterprises answer questions thoroughly.