10/07/2019 14:00, Tin tức - Sự kiện

Factors directly affecting factory construction price

Many enterprises look for supplier with reasonable price of renting factory in industrial zone. As building a factory is not an overnight affair. That is not to mention the factory construction price is not cheap. So, which factors affect the factory construction cost?

1/ Design affects the factory construction price 

The price factor is always the most concerned by investors. They often care about how much the total bid package is.  What are items comprising the factory? Currently, the price of renting factory in industrial zone is also affected by the design process. A quality factory with a nice design will, of course, have a higher price.

factory construction price

The process of designing a factory, simple or complex, has an important contribution to determine the rent price or factory construction. Design will affect the construction process of the factory. The more complex the design is, the higher the construction cost is. Materials, workers and engineers must meet high standards. Therefore, there are currently many suppliers offering quality factory for rent  in the market. It is typical as the factory area of Kizuna in Long An. The factory renting price here is always appropriate to the quality.

2/ Factory construction materials

Factory construction price is partly determined by the materials of that project. Although the type of factory construction steel is the same but there are many different brands. Using materials of famous brands comes with high prices and vice versa. This reason makes many investors need to choose carefully in the process of construction material selection. So the high or low factory construction price depends on the requirements of the client.

3/ The qualification level of factory construction labors

An elaborate design requires a sufficient number of workers. Engineers must be experienced and skilled to be able to offer the best construction plan and method statement. However, to have an experienced workforce, the hiring cost is quite high.

Finding skilled labor is a difficult issue at the moment. The shortage of labor to work for factories is increasing so the labor hiring cost becomes higher. The factory construction process is directly affected by the labor source.