09/17/2019 14:00, Tin tức - Sự kiện

Dual benefit when choosing a unit of 100m2 factory for lease in Long An

Small and medium sized enterprises in the South tend to find units of 100m2 factory for lease in Long An. One of these lessors of 100m2 factory is Kizuna. This lessor is not only highly valued for quality but also affordable. The following article will help you learn more about Kizuna's factory model.

Dual benefit when choosing Kizuna - unit of 100m2 factory for lease in Long An

Kizuna Company with 3 service workshop zones: Kizuna 1, Kizuna 2 and Kizuna 3. There are factories of different sizes in each zone. The industrial park is built to move the economy in the South in a positive direction. When renting factories here there will be many economic advantages for enterprises to develop.

Located in Tan Kim Industrial Park - a key economic zone

This is a strategic location for business economic development. At the same time, there is a prestigious unit of 100m2 factories for lease - Kizuna. Kizuna's factories in Long An province - adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City have complete and modern infrastructure to best serve the development needs of investors. With a strongly affirmed name among unit of 100m2 factory for lease in Long An, Kizuna always brings customers the best quality factories. With a team of engineers and a strategic vision, the factories are located at the transshipment location between Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.