An Investor From Singapore Shares His Investing Exprience In Vietnam [INTERVIEW]

In South East Asia area and among a lot of developing countries, Vietnam has been always evaluated as the most attractive and potential place for Foreign Direct Investors. However, investing in Vietnam is never as simple as people might think. Thus, in order to improve our services better, KIZUNA always try the best to listen to our customers, to understand their worries and concerns, to be able to assist and help them out.

And this month, we would love to share some experiences of an Singapore investor when choosing a place to invest in Vietnam. Let listen to Mr.Robin Tan – an investor from Singapore, who is investing in D5 Factory at KIZUNA 2 Rental Service Factory.

CamInternational at D5 Kizuna 2 Rental Serviced Factory
CamInternational at D5 Kizuna 2 Rental Serviced Factory

1. Would you please introduce briefly about your business in Vietnam?

I am making tooling for the mold,die,jigs and fixture.

2. How long did it take to decide the location for your investment?

About 6 months.

3. How could you find KIZUNA out of many Industrial Parks located in South of Vietnam?

I have visited a few industrial parks and after talking to Kizuna and find that it is suitable for me as a foreigner to set up with Kizuna.

4. What were the main factors you considered when choosing a place to put your investment? (Price, Location, Services, etc.…?)

Price for Kizuna is almost the same as the other industrial parks. As for Kizuna 2, I feel it is quite OK for its location. Services provided by Kizuna and I think it is very professional.

5. What were the reasons you decided to choose KIZUNA to place your investment?

With the support on documentation and ready factory, I finally decided to choose Kizuna.

6. What is your impression on Vietnam workers and staffs? (Good / difficult points to work with VN staffs if any)

Vietnam is still a very young work force. From my experience there is still many rooms for improvement. I have learn from them I need to spend time and be patience with Vietnamese.

7. What makes you worried the most when investing in Vietnam?

Transparent of the system and changes of the law to foreign investor like me is a major concern.

8. Would you mind sharing with us your problems and troubles you have been dealing while doing business in Vietnam?

Need time to get things done. Don’t see much urgency. Lack of communication and willingness to voice each opinion.

9. We would love to listen to our customer’s voice to improve our services, so would you please share your impression about KIZUNA services and staffs?

Give more details information to foreign investors. Proactive to share information.

10. If there are any things KIZUNA should improve or any services you need but KIZUNA does not have yet, please feel free to help us making KIZUNA better!

Kizuna deals with a lot of foreign investor. It would be good if you can translate more documents from Vietnamese to English.


Mr.Robin Tan Investing In D5 Kizuna 2 Rental Serviced Factory

Mr.Robin Tan In D5 Kizuna 2 Rental Serviced Factory


Investor: Mr.ROBIN TAN

Nationality: Singaporean